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People were creating exceptional garment layouts long before Guttenberg invented his printing press. The first known overnight custom t shirts process originated in China almost two thousand years past. Without any elaborate training or gear, exceptional layouts were transferred by artisans onto clothes using a procedure we currently understand as silk screen printing.

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Anyone who has ever worn uniform or a sports jersey has possessed a custom-printed garment. Of course, not all of these posts are created using the silkscreen process. New methods of creating exceptional clothing happen to be developed since its advent was made by the display. Both most popular are direct-to-garment printing (DTG) and heat transfer. Let’s take a minute to discuss them separately

Direct To Garment

DTG is the most modern method to create custom clothing. It uses laser printers to use layouts to nearly every article of clothing. No other process can hold a candle to DTG when it comes to precision and quality. The disadvantage is that it can not be cheap. The truth is, material and gear costs are way too expensive for most small print shops like Tampa Screen Printing Kings.

Heat Transfers

Heat transfers are someplace in between screening and DTG when it comes to quality and price. Without becoming overly technical, a heat transfer is basically a patch, frequently made of vinyl, that’s printed out and then ironed onto a garment that is clean. Most of the custom t shirts for 

children with the Batman or Superman symbol emblazoned on them are created using this procedure.

The Verdict

Which approach do we advocate? It depends on what you need. Because it’s the most affordable, quickest way to create unique tshirts, screening is easily the most used choice. That said, it will not allow for very complex designs with shades that are numerous. But because most tops are quite straightforward, screening rules supreme.


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