The Armstrong Williams Show

Armstrong Williams is a right-wing African-American political commentator. Williams mostly expresses his opinions on his very own radio show which is broadcast Sirius XM platform. It is called the Armstrong Williams Show. The program airs mostly on weekdays. Williams is known mostly throughout the United States, the world and the press as a confidant of Ben Carson. Carson is a political pundit, former brain surgeon and Republican politician. Dr Carson is also an African-American with conservative values similar to Armstrong’s.

The most popular and famous episode of the Armstrong Williams Show

 in May 2017. The show was live streamed on the Sirius XM Facebook page and broadcast across the country on the Sirius XM radio platform. It consisted of a Town Hall event with Ben Carlson. The reason for the special Town Hall event was because Dr Carson was just announced by President Donald Trump as the new secretary for housing and urban development for the White House administration. The Town Hall event was watched by over 95,000 viewers on Facebook and on the Sirius XM radio platform hundreds of thousands listened to it on the Sirius XM radio platform across America.

In October 2016, Armstrong Williams said on his radio program and on television in October 2016 that he was “warm” towards Donald Trump. About a month before the 2016 Presidential election polling day which was on November 7th. Williams also stated that he was vehemently against Hillary Clinton and urged swing and independent voters not to vote for the Democratic candidate. Armstrong also said on his program in October that the main stream media gave “Mrs Clinton a pass.” Armstrong mentions that the media is too soft on her and that they all endorsed her for the presidency.


The Right Side By Armstrong Williams

The Armstrong Williams Show

usually consists of Williams and other male and female African-American conservative commentators discussing the political issues of the day. Williams being the host asks questions, brings up topics and poses ideas for the other commentators to discuss and answer. The show also includes some left-wing commentators to give the point of view from the other side of the political spectrum. Williams on his radio show endorsed Ben Carson to be the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential race. Armstrong’s support of Dr Carlson came because he is an African-American and liked Carlson’s stance on the major political issues in 2015 and 2016.

Williams supported Carson to be nominee for president until the Ben Carson Presidential Campaign was suspended in early March 2016. After the suspension of the campaign, Dr Carson then endorsed current United States President Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. Ben was then employed as an advisor to Donald Trump for his campaign, which was successful. Armstrong Williams didn’t fully endorse Donald Trump for President, however he much preferred him over the favorite Hillary Clinton. During the 2016 election the commentators that were on the Armstrong Williams Show were mostly in support of Donald Trump and were critical of Hillary Clinton.